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Faction Plugins

Use only too protect your Buildings and land

you start with 20 power
you get 7 power + every hour you're online .
if you die, you lose 3 power -
if you lose too much power you can lose claims
the maximum power per player is 80 Power.

What will happen if society collapses? What would you do if there's no one to help you or your family? Disaster preparedness is more than worries, it's also about being practical, preparing for scenarios and being ready for the unpredictable. The world is on the doorstep of a zombie apocalypse. The only way to survive is to find a group of people who are ready to respond to the most difficult moments of survival. A virus who will not stop and will continue to create terror in the lives of people. You have to gather sufficient supplies, obtain and stockpile basic survival(the most important) items, store supplies for just getting by, prepare an emergency kit, become a good shot and always come up with an escape plan.

shop is at the spawn
buy al the items van de server
ships to the world

Started Since 2015

need help ask us on discord or mail us on boxproject@hotmail.com