It is a multiplayer game community servers,

 you are very welcome and we love to see you,

your ideas also mean a lot to us,

 for great ideas you can always tell us via our forum or discord page,

from for questions plz ask them.


We provide live service because it is really our passion and hubby,

we will always try to keep the servers up to date.


Everything is 24/7 online and available for almost all countries.

And everything you create would always exist.

Where is boxproject hosted at?

Boxproject server pc is self-hosted at the owner's home,

we are not dependent on other companies.


History of boxproject

Started in 2015

started in 2015 with mercories.


in 2018 the name was changed to boxproject.

2020 new beginning

started all over again.


started with the forum page,

new minecraft server method.


New website and design,

Done with the minecraft survival universe.

Do we earn anything?

We don't earn almost anything from it,

we want to try to make our community as happy as possible.

and that motivates us so much to continue

and the money we earn from donations we use to improve the server, and pay the energy costs.