You can use these functions throughout the

Boxproject minecraft server




 Elevators is a simple way to move up and down

 to create a elevator

 setting on the top line from a sign the predefined text




and jump to teleport to the next sign and sneak to move down.




  to interact on stair or slab press right mouse click on it

  and to get off press Shift




Color your signs

It allowed to use the & color code in your signs




Smart Totum

 Control totem behavior, such as the ability to use totems from inventory rather than in hand only!


Item scavenging system



Scroll throw paintings with mouse wheel


Teleport to any location with your ride


Give a boost for elytra to have ultimate flying experience, To use the boost function you have to hold a feather in your hand.


BossBar Hp meter to see how much hp entity has in total, has left and how much damage you did. Compatible with arrows.

Open a sulkerbox whith out to place it on the ground,

Simple hold the sulkerbox in your main hand hold shift and press right click.

Drop custom entity head after killing it