About us


Our little server started in 2015. So that means our server years old! We never expected it to get this far and we hope that it will grow more! We decided to create the server because : it are hobby. We really hope to see you at our server and expect you to have a great time! Before we started this server we had a other small server named Chunzie, but it didnt work out because it was an unclear name. Now we are happy that this server did work out and we hope you have a great time here! Have a good time!

Account data info

We do not sell the data from your game account.

The data so ip ingame name and mail word used to edit your account.
Example if you forget your password and with the mail we can see if you send us an email. which accounts belong to you.

Donatsion Info

The donation money and the advertisement.

We use it to improve profromens for the server.