Function that you can use on the entire server.

Compass plus
- With a compass you can see the coordination above.

Skin changer
- People with the rank MEMBER can adjust their skin by doing /skin
   (The rank member gets your automations registered for a month)

/help Or /settings
- For the general help menu.

/Party and /Friends
- A friend can see which of your friends are online.
- Private chat with each other.
- With party you can make a party group for group chat
   (Max 32 Party members)

Color books
- Colors will only be added if you've finished the book.

Use a sign that has  [Elevator] on top of the signs
   To go up, click with your right mouse button
   and to go down just hold shift and right mouse button.

Color signs

- Colors will only be added when you're done with the sign.

Heads Drop
- If you kill any animals, monsters or players, they will drop their head
   on the ground.

Color anvil
- You can add colors to the items by an anvil.

Elytra boost
- You can use Elytra boost with feather.

- If you right-click with your hand on the stairs you can sit. to go off,
    click your shift.

Easier to open a shulkerbox
- Hold a shulker box in your hand and hold down the shift button
   to open the shulker box.