Custom world

- Border 32.000 by 32.000

Random Teleport
- Can you find at de spawn

Gamemode Survival
Monsters Enabled
Pvp Enabled
Difficulty Normal
ModGriefing Disabled
If you die, you will unfortunately drop the items you have with you! :O
- You can also buy it by the website shop.

- You can get one by voting!
- Every 3 hours you get 1 Crates loot key.
   to claim type "

- With every kill you get 35$ money as a reward.
- with every new player, everyone who is online gets 35$

Vote Rewards
- In the vote you get a loot key as a reward.
Land claim
- You start with 5 power.
- Every 5Min you get 0.3 power.
- You can max 60 power.

Every time you die you lose -0.4.
Every day you lose -0.5 power
Overclaiming it allowd
/f "
  - Farming
  - Food

  - Dyes
  - Blocks

  - Miscellanous
  - Ores and Rare items

  - Mods Drops

  - Armor
  - Tools
  - HeadShop

- Guns
- Medicals
- Vehicles

Custom Resourcepack
To be able to use it you must accept the custom resource pack.

- Vehicles
    total 22 Vehicles to choose from
- Weapons
    more than 69 custom weapons

- Hold shift and click on it - for the menu.
- If you are not using it, pick it up.
Zombie Bite
- If you have been bitten by a zombie then you must use
  a medical kit or infection that you can find at &5medicalshop.
Hydration Bar
- To refill your Hydration bar only you need
   to do is drink from a water bottle.