The #1 Rule: "Don't Be A Dick"

    Above all other rules, this rule reigns supreme. Everyone here is human, and everyone here is here to have a good time. If an administrator determines you are in fact being a dick, they will deal with you at their own discretion.
        If you believe an administrator has dealt you a consequence unfairly, please contact one of the Staff

General Play Guidelines

    No spawning of any respawn ship for materials or to use as a weapon or in general to cause havoc
    Do not troll your own faction. Don't join a faction just to steal, destroy, and grief their stuff.
    Label your ships. If an administrator comes across an unlabelled ship without a name and antenna, it will likely be deleted.


    Please label yourselves honestly. If you’re going to be an active PVP please say so. This helps people from not treating you hostilely as soon as they see you.
    Do not use factions to get around block limits. Any block limit abuse found will be dealt with at the admins discretion.


    Regardless of how you label yourself or your faction, remember: PVP IS ALLOWED.
    With that said, remember that everyone is here to have fun. If you and/or your faction is dominating everyone to the point where people leave, you won't have anyone to PVP with. Think twice before engaging in combat.


    Trolling is not allowed in any form, and is left to administrator discretion on what behavior constitutes trolling.


    Scripts are now whitelisted
    Check out our script suggestion and status thread for active scripts on the server.

Respawn Ships

    Respawn ships are enabled.
    They MAY NOT be used as resources
        Do not respawn multiple times just to dismantle the respawn ship. You will be banned
    Respawn ships are deleted upon logging out. Do not rely on the respawn ship grid sticking around