The Moon

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Welcome to the The Moon Server

The server is  24/7 Online

Welcome to Starbound The Moon

 We have made a mod pack and we call it The moon.

 a very different experience than standard.

 try it out there is really more challenge

 and also play the same online with everyone.




Mods that are included

The mod pack has been put together by our team


- Frackin' Universe

- Frackin' Music

- Frackin' Races

    Created by Cari the kitty,Sayter,Behold the Robes,

    Sentient Cookie And Hubnester


- Improved Food Descriptions

    Created by Neo


- XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition

    Created by Lophatkao


- Extended GUI

    Created by V6


- Borderlands Random-Gen Weapons

    Created by LimelsFruit


  - Armor Tab

    Created by Orange Peel Assassin






Here you can find all items and crafting recipe from the mod pack.

 also how it works.

 can be found at wiki