Global commands

 Ranks New Commands /server - List of all the servers /spawn - Teleport you back where you started on the map. /warp - list of warps /money - Check the amount of money that you have. /balance - Check the amount of money that you have. /money pay [playername] [amount] - Pay someone. /pay [playername] [amount] - Pay someone. /baltop - See the list of the richest people in the server. /ping - Show me the ping pong? /prewards - Check playtime rewards. /sit - Sit in your position. /reply - Replay to last message sender. /msg - Send message to player. /togglecompass - Turn of or on the bosbar. /afk - Say to the server that you that you'll be right back. /time - Check the in-game time. /tpaccept - Accept teleport request. /tpdeny - Deny teleport request /book - Book editing /openbook - Open book gui /playtime - Shows player total play time /playtimetop - Shows top list of player total play time /serverlist - Show server list /suicide - /kill - Kill your self /jaillist - List jails Glow /eglow - let your player glow only be urn by opinging ledary mysterybox Friend and Party /friend - show you the list of commands /friend list - Lists all your friends /friend msg [name of the friend] [message] - Send a message to a friend /friend add [name of the player] - Add a friend /friend accept [name of the player] - Accept a friend request /friend deny [name of the player] - Deny a friend request /friend remove [name of the friend] - Removes a friend /friend jump [name of the friend] - jump to a friend /friend settings - change the settings /party join - join a party /party invite - Invite a player into your party Menu /lobby - Main lobby menu. /menu - Main lobby menu. /game - Main lobby menu. /hub - Main lobby menu. /settings Badge /Badge - main menu Gadgets /gmenu - gadget menu. /gadget - gadget menu. Links /discord - Discord invite link /commands - Website command page /website - Main website page /forum - Forum website page /rules - Minecraft website rules page /vote - Vote links for rewards Access Elevator - Allows to use elevator based on signs Sit on slaps and stairs - with left click on the block Smart shulkerbox - Use shulkerbox as backpack shift + right click. Afk - Automatic afk if you stand still for to long. Member Players who have played for a total of 18 hours would be promoted to the Member level Gadget /gmenu namepet <name> - name your pet. /gmenu petitems - Manage player's pet items /gmenu petitems add <item/all> <player> <amount> - add the amount of pet items /gmenu petitems check <player> - shows a list of player;s pet items. /gmenu petitems remove <item/all> <player> <amount> - Remove certain pet items from a player /gmenu petitems set <item/all> <player> <amount> - set the amount of pet items. Access Gadget - Allows the player to ride its pet Gadget - Allows the player to summon pet. Advanced Players who have played for a total of 168 hours would be promoted to the Advanced level. Expert Players who have played for a total of 672 hours would be promoted to the Expert level. Access Gadget - Bypass cooldown Ultimate Finally, players who have played for a total of 1680 hours would be promoted to the Ultimate level Commands /ride - Ride target entity Access Fullserver bypass cmi.inventoryhat – Allows to put block on head from inventory cmi.command.hat - Place item like hat Donator Only possible by donating Vip only available through the webshop Access Colors - allow use colors in the chat and nickname Nick - Change your name helper Commands teleport - Bypass teleportation to unsafe location /tpa - Ask the player if you can teleport to them /tpahere - Asks player to accept teleportation to your location /tp - Teleports to player’s location /tphere - Teleports player to your location /tps - Check servers tps status /cmi.command.afkcheck - Check players afk status /mute - mute player /unmute - Unmute player /vanish - Vanish player /groundclean - Clears server from unnecessary items Access cmi.seevanished – Allows to see vanished people coreprotect.lookup coreprotect.coreprotect coreprotect.inspect cmi.command.heal.all cmi.command.msg.vanish cmi.command.msg.togglebypass cmi.namehistory cmi.seevanished cmi.command.lastonline cmi.command.vanish cmi.command.time.* cmi.command.list.hidden – Allows to see hidden players in player list alert -> Alerts administration on players login cmi.command.alertlist - alertlist -> Lists all recorded alerts cmi.command.silentchest - Toggles silent chest cmi.command.jail.* - cmi.command.jail - Jail player for time period cmi.command.jailedit - Edit jails cmi.command.unjail - Release player from jail Mayor Commands /walkspeed - Defines max walkspeed player can set. /flyspeed - Defines max flyspeed player can set. /fly - access to use fly /home [username] [homename] - make use from a athor player homes cmi.command.ender cmi.command.sethome.unlimited /colorpicker - List of minecraft color code. /armorstand - Changes the arm,leg and body position. Access Kit bypass - Allows to bypass the Kit requirement cmi.command.maintenance.bypass - Allows to bypass maintenance mode Architect Commands /tpall - Teleports all online players to location /jump - Defines max jump distance 32 /playerhead [playername] - Give you a player's head. /tree - Spawn tree where you are looking. /replaceblock - Replaces blocks in current world around you. /give - give your self a specific item. /weather - controls server weather. /repair - Allows to repair specific item. /sameip - List players logged in from same ip. /glow [playername] - let a player glow in the dark. /invedit – Allow to edit players inventory /setwarp - Allowd to create a warp point /editwarp editwarp -> Edit warps /info [playername] – Allows to see players info /head - Get players head /mobhead - Get mob head Access worldedit - Access to use world edit. worldguard cmi.signs.shifteditbypass – Allows to edit signs on protected land change spawner - Allows to use spawner set GUI on shift clicking it. armor sand editor - Particular armor stand editor features. edit signs - By hold shift en interact white the sign. selection tool - Allows to select with the wooden hoe. bypass spawner limits - No limits how many mods can spawn from the spawner. gamemode bypass - Allows to bypass game mode limitations by worlds. cmi.namehistory – Allows to see previous players names – Allows to select with selection tool Protect /co restore [params] - Restore block data example (/co restore b:stone r:16) /co rollback [params] - Rollback block data example (/co rollback t:10m r:16) /co undo - Revert a rollback/restore via apposite action. Officer Commands /tpo - Teleports to player’s location by force /tpohere - Teleports player to your location by force /tpopos - Teleports to location by force /tppos - Teleports to location Access command - access to all the commands shopguiplus.* servermarket.admin luckperms.* headdb.admin.* coreprotect.* cmi.* Master